Alexander Janas

Alexander (or AJ as he’s also known) has this industry running through his veins. As a second-generation aircraft sales professional, he spent a lot of his youth hanging around the offices of Universal Jet Trading, closely watching his father, Pat Janas, Sr. He then graduated to Jet Broker Summer School in his high school years, where he cut his teeth in the research department (and got the mail and took lunch orders for the office). While attending Marymount University in Arlington, VA, he continued his summer office series, and worked at the FAA before graduating with a BA in Business Law.

He joined Global Jet Sales full time in 2006 and he’s held various roles within the firm, becoming President in 2018. AJ puts everything he’s learned over the years to use daily to ensure that the team at GJS is positioned to successfully serve their clients around the world. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL with his wife and four daughters. He will still get the mail and take lunch orders for the office.