Global Jet Sales provides aircraft owners with evaluations and appraisals for various reasons. An evaluation or appraisal may be necessary to establish actual cash value in advance of a sale or trade, when applying for hull insurance or financing, or to establish a diminution of value. 


When conducting an aircraft evaluation, it is necessary that we have comprehensive details such as current airframe and engine times, an equipment list, and a detailed description of the exterior and interior. Using our in-house proprietary database, we will then compare the subject aircraft with recently sold comparable aircraft and those that are currently available for sale. This data, coupled with an analysis of market trends, allows us to produce accurate market value. 

Our Evaluation services are provided at no charge.


An aircraft appraisal is a detailed analysis requiring an on-site inspection of the aircraft. Our inspector will conduct an in-depth audit of all aircraft logs and records, including a detailed inspection of the exterior, interior, maintenance history, appearance, and overall condition of the aircraft. After the inspection data is compiled, the aircraft inspector generates a comprehensive written report of the appraised value.

Appraisals are billed a flat fee, plus expenses.

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